Save the Earth!

One day I was walking with my family and I saw five plastic water bottles, so I picked them up. My parents said, “We don’t want you sick.” But I picked them up anyway. My sister helped me put all the water bottles into the trash.  Something Dreamworks said in a tv show was “Today’s litterbug is tomorrow’s bandit”.


       Photo from Pixabay



Plastic water bottles outside destroying nature.

Have you picked up trash that wasn’t yours?


2 thoughts on “Save the Earth!

  1. Kia ora from New Zealand Tomato Salad.

    While your piece for Earth Day is not very long, it makes an extremely important point and that is about plastic. In the short time that plastic has been apparent in the world, it has had an impact way beyond its means. So perhaps you might have some more ideas about those pesky plastic bottles and ways that we can live in our world without them. What do you think?
    You asked the question about picking up trash that is not yours = yes! I do this ALL the time, especially when there are papers or takeaway packets or boxes on the street. I HATE it!
    If you get some time Suzie, come along to my class blog at
    Ms M Team STUBC

  2. G’day from Australia!
    Your post caught my eye since I too hate to see plastic littered around the streets, and always want to pick it up – though as your parents say, I am not so sure at the moment.

    Here in NSW, Australia, we have a recycling scheme where you can get 10c per bottle at our Return and Earn centres, which has reduced some waste.

    However, the best thing might be to not need plastic bottles at all!

    LindaJ #STUBC commenter

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