All About Tomato Salad

All About Tomato Salad

Welcome! This is Tomato Salad’s Blog.

Greetings! I’m Tomato Salad, and I am a tomato who lives in a salad. I have many hobbies. My first hobby is swimming.  I swim once a week. My favorite stroke is the butterfly. My favorite dressing to swim in is Ranch dressing, but sometimes I swim in the water cup next to my salad bowl. 🙂

My second hobby is gymnastics.  I do gymnastics three times a week. Soon I will do my second gymnastics competition in my life.  Clearly, I have many hobbies.


This is me and my family And a self-port-it of me.

When I go over to my friend Lucky Llama’s house, we like making a slide with a mat and a staircase.  One time,  about seven girls slid down the slide all at once right before a movie started. As you can see I like to make slides at Lucky Llama’s house.

When I’m not busy with building slides with Lucky Llama, I like to watch Scooby-Doo and international baking shows. One of my favorite baking shows of all time is The Great British Baking Show.  Almost every night when I get home I watch two episodes. When I’m not watching The Great British Baking Show I watch Scooby-Doo. My favorite is Scooby-doo and the Legend of the Lake Monster. I’m Doing a scene of that movie.

10 thoughts on “All About Tomato Salad

  1. Hi tomato salad! 🍅 What a lovely way to get to know you! What is your favourite equipment at gymnastics?🤸

  2. G’day Tomato Salad,
    Do you prefer being a cherry tomato or perhaps a Roma tomato? Do you prefer being sliced in a salad or cut into quarters?

    A great way to introduce yourself and some of your classmates.

    Sue – #stubc commenter

  3. Hi, there Tomato Salad!

    My name is Mallory! I am in seventh grade and I am 13 years old! I really enjoyed reading your blog! I noticed that you like to do a lot of physical activity like swimming and gymnastics! I’m not the biggest fan of sports of physical activity. Too tiring for me! I’d rather sit down and draw. but I do love cooking! I do a cooking class at my school twice a week and learning lots of things to cook! My dad and I also like to watch Scooby Doo. I don’t know what version you watch, but my dad and I like to watch the older cartoon version.

    It was nice visiting your blog, Tomato Salad! If you would like to visit mine, I’ll give you the link!

    See ya later!

  4. Hi Tomato Salad
    Guess what, I also love tomatoes, especially juicy, tart Bella tomatoes and cherry tomatoes straight from the plant in my garden.
    It must be very interesting being a tomato swimming in a salad. Not so sure about being eaten though!

  5. Hi Tomato Salad🍅,
    I think that your blog is really cool. Even though a lot of my hobbies are different, I think that you did a good job of describing yourself.


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